What is Scrapbook?

Scrapbook is a caching environment for PHP. The cornerstone is key-value-store, which sets a standard interface for cache adapters to implement. All adapters hide their inner workings behind a shared implementation. Using it means you're not just building for Memcached. Your code will work just fine on any of the other adapters, without modifications!

Having 1 shared interface to connect with all those backends means additional tools can be built on top of them & they'll work for all key-value stores. Like making them PSR-6 or PSR-16 compatible. Or implementing a buffered or transactional cache. Or stampede protection or sharding.

Build your cache

Installation is easy! It's so straightforward that it can be scripted. Just select your desired configuration and see what you need to get started:






Please submit any issue you encounter.

In order to easily grasp the issue, be as thorough as possible in describing the bug! Please include your code & the expected result.

Bonus points for including a pull request with the issue added to the test suite!



Dig into to the code. It's MIT-licensed, so you're allowed to do pretty much anything with it.

git clone [email protected]:matthiasmullie/scrapbook.git

Fork the repository on GitHub, and send your pull requests! Any kind of help is welcome.